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Journey to the past of Khmer kingdom: Siem Reap 3 Days 2 Nights (Code: VSE.IND-06)

Journey to the past of Khmer kingdom: Siem Reap 3 Days 2 Nights (Code: VSE.IND-06)

There are so much more than just temples of Angkor - the remnants of a mighty Khmer kingdom in Cambodia. Aside from Angkor Wat, you will see the other ruined cities and temples in the area including Ta Prohm and Angkor Thom, especially the tranquil site of Preah Vihear Temple, an ancient Hindu temple built during the period of the Khmer Empire, standing in the vicinity of the borderline between Thailand and Cambodia. Not forget to mention a spectacularly carved riverbed - Kbal Spean which is set deep in the jungle to the northeast of Angkor, also known as "River of a thousand Lingas". All & more in just 3 days!

Day 1: Visit Angkor

Arrive at Siem Reap International Airport in the morning, pick up from airport and transfer to visit the wonderful Angkor Wat – one of the seven greatest architectural wonders of the world. Angkor Watis visually, architecturally and artistically breathtaking. Angkor Wat is the centerpiece of any visit to the temples of Angkor, as a temple and mausoleum for King Suryavarman II at the peak of the Khmer empire in early - Mid 12th century C.E., Angkor Wat is probably the best-preserved of the Angkorean temples, with a central tower surrounded by four smaller towers, a massive three-tiered pyramid crowned by five lotus-like towers rising 65 meters from ground level. The central monument represents the mythical Mount Meru, the holy mountain at the centre of the universe, which was home to the Hindu God Vishnu. The whole complex covers 81 hectares; a rectangular wall measuring 1025 meters by 800 meters borders the inner edge of the moat, and temple's.

Lunch at local restaurant.

Continuous to discover Angkor Thom (Great city) on late 12th - early 13th century C.E., is a 3km2 walled and moated royal cities and was the last capital of the Angkorian Empire. There are five entrances (gates) to the city, one for each cardinal point, and the victory gate leading to the Royal Palace area. Each gate is crowned with 4 giant faces; first stop for visiting is The South Gate, then Bayon – the Angkor's greatest temple. The giant stone faces of Bayon have become one of the most recognizable images connected to classic Khmer art and architecture. There are 37 standing towers; the best of Bayon are the bas-reliefs on the exterior walls of the lower level and on the upper level where the stone faces reside. Proceeding to visit a double terrace wall are the Terrace of the Leper King and the Terrace of the Elephants.

Ta Phrom Temple - a monastery built by Jayavarman VII as a residence for his mother.

Back to hotel for refreshment before transfer to dinner.

Dinner at local restaurant with traditional Khmer performance.

Day 2:   Siem Reap – Preah Vihear

Breakfast at the hotel.

Depart early and take road through the countryside to the north to visit the famous temple of Preah Vihear, located at 240km from Siem Reap. This temple dedicated to Shiva, is on the edge of a plateau that dominates the plain of Cambodia with a slope of more than 600 meters. The whole is exceptional for its architecture, adapted to both a natural site and the religious function of the temple, both for the quality of its carved stone ornamentation. Preah Vihear shares with all of Angkor the privilege of being one of only two sites in Cambodia on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Back to Siem Reap and transfer to your hotel.

Dinner with shadow of puppet performance at local restaurant.

Day 3: Siem Reap – Angkor – Kbal Spean – Bateay Srey / Departure

Wake up early and transfer to watch sunrise at Angkor Wat temple. Return to hotel for breakfast.

Transfer to Kbal Spean also known as Thousand lingas river. Take a steep walk about 45 minutes to the river and waterfalls where hundreds of phalluses are carved on the riverbed. The waterfall here is best seen at the end of the rainy season.  At the top of the falls are numerous carved figures and animals. This site has only been opened up to tourism since 1998 and is less crowded than the nearby Phnom Koulen. This Hindu Pilgrimage site predates Angkor Wat by some 200 years; making it one the most ancient sites in the region. Kbal Spean is looked after very well; the waymarked trail is a very attractive route through atmospheric jungle.  The path is steep; with some well-maintained steps. Sounds of birds and wildlife with hundreds of butterflies enhance the visit.

Lunch at local restaurant.

On the way back, visit Banteay Srey temple built under Jayavarman V, as the jewel in the crown of classical Khmer arts. Its rose-colored sandstone walls are decorated with carvings and bas-reliefs, which are among the most accomplished Angkor has to offer and Srah Srang.

Transfer to the airport for flight departure in the evening.